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Frightened of violence or abuse at home?

Feeling trapped and alone?

Feeling controlled or bullied?

Worried for yourself and your children?

Too much to cope with alone?

If you think you are experiencing domestic violence or abuse, Coventry Law Centre’s Safeplace service is here to help. We can help you understand your rights and explain clearly the choices and options you have.

Whether you want to improve your situation at home or if you’re thinking about leaving our free legal advice can help you to tackle domestic violence or abuse and get to a safer place in your life.

We provide free and confidential legal advice, in a safe and secure environment at our office or somewhere else that’s safe for you.

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Expert, confidential legal help and advice.

024 7625 3172

Email: safeplace@covlaw.org.uk

Coventry Law Centre, Oakwood House, St Patricks Road Entrance, Coventry, CV1 2HL

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