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Community Care

What do I do if I can’t claim benefits?

What if I or my children need extra support because of a disability?

If you need extra support

Using the law on community care we can:

  • Advise and help you get support from Social Services if you’re experiencing domestic violence or abuse and have children in need
  • Advise and help you get financial support and accommodation if you have no recourse to public funds or cannot get homelessness assistance.
  • Help you arrange a temporary or permanent home that takes account of any disabilities or other extra needs.

Read our case studies below to see how we’ve helped others like you. People’s names have been changed in these case studies.

Real-life help with community care

Jesse – working with Social Services and the Home Office

Jesse came to the UK from the Gambia in 2002. Although the relationship with her former partner and father of her eight-year-old son broke down a number of years ago, she remains with her partner due to fear. She has limited leave to remain and no recourse to public funds for herself or her son.

Jesse’s former partner was not violent, but provoked and argued with her in an effort to make her leave. After one argument, Jesse left the home and was put up in a hotel, paid for by a friend.

Fearful of having her son taken into care and having nowhere else to go, Jesse then returned to the former family home, despite the threat of domestic violence and abuse.

We negotiated with senior Social Services staff to get Jesse new accommodation and financial support. We have also helped her apply to the Home Office to lift the ‘no recourse to public funds’ condition.

“I felt stuck and trapped. I had no-one to turn to or talk to. I’d always been told that I could not access support in the UK, until I spoke with my advisor. He gave me choices and options. Things feel better and I have hope for the future.”

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