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Family Law

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Protecting your family

Using family law, we can help you:

  • Get a court order to protect you and your children. In some cases, this can happen on the same day or next morning. A court order can prevent an abuser from contacting you, coming near or entering your home. Anyone breaching this sort of court order could be arrested and imprisoned. We will help you in court, every step of the way.
  • Advise you on divorce or separation (including arrangements for any finances and assets).
  • Decide how best to keep your children safe from domestic violence and abuse. We can advise you on applications to stop the father of your children taking them from your care if you feel they are at risk from him.
  • Advise you on applications to sort out housing, living arrangements and contact between your children and their father.
  • Get help from Social Services or other agencies and understand your rights once they become involved.

Read our case studies below to see how we’ve helped others like you. People’s names have been changed in these case studies.

real-life family help

deborah - peace of mind from a court order

After separating from her partner and father of her two children, Deborah suffered constant harassment and intimidation. He would turn up at her home, threaten her close family and send abusive messages by text and social media.

Deborah felt she and her children needed protection from her ex-partner, so we helped her to go to court and get an urgent non-molestation order, which banned him from approaching or harassing them.

Deborah now feels reassured and safer knowing that her ex-partner can be arrested if he breaches the order. He has not made any contact since and has deleted all of his social media accounts.

We have also supported Deborah in court proceedings to grant her ex-partner indirect and supervised contact with their children.

“From the moment I spoke to my solicitor, I felt I was listened to. She took my problems seriously and believed me. I was helped every step of the way and feel so much safer with the non-molestation order in place.”

real-life family help

felka - divorce from an abusive husband

Felka’s husband was serving a prison sentence for physical abuse and cruelty to three of their daughters. The children are under a child protection plan to safeguard their interests, with Social Services providing support to the family.

Originally from Poland, Felka had been subjected to domestic violence from her husband since the time they settled in the UK. He would emotionally abuse her, making her feel worthless and a bad mother. The husband was also very controlling over Felka, especially in respect of money.

Because of this behaviour and to safeguard herself and the children, Felka decided to seek a divorce. We advised and assisted her through the divorce process, and gave her advice about the child protection plan for her children.

“It was such a stressful and overwhelming time in my life. I had sleepless nights about what would happen to my children and me. The solicitor explained everything and made it simpler. It took me time to come to terms with filing for a divorce, but my solicitor was very understanding and allowed me time to make important decisions about my future.”

real-life family help

temi - preventing a child being taken abroad

Temi is from Nigeria. While studying in the UK under a student visa, she married a fellow student and they had a child together.

They planned to extend their visas to continue studying, but after the birth of the baby, their relationship took a turn for the worse. Temi felt she was ignored by her husband, who would often not speak to her for days. He also controlled all the family’s finances, providing very little support to Temi.

After her husband physically attacked Temi in front of their child, she left and moved into a refuge. Her big worry was that her husband would return to Nigeria and take the child with him, without her consent.

We helped Temi to get a prohibited steps order to prevent her husband from removing the child from her care. We also assisted with a child arrangement order, which sets out where the child will live and contact arrangements with the father.

“I was in a state when I came to the law centre; thinking that my son could be taken away from me. My husband had always controlled us and I didn’t think I would have any rights, let alone somebody on my side. I felt reassured and in safe hands. My son remains with me today.”

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