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Can I get my abusive partner out of the home?

Where can I go if I want to leave? Can I take my children with me?

Somewhere safe to live

Using housing law, we can help you:

  • Apply for an order to force the person harming, abusing or threatening out of the home, rather than you or your children having to leave.
  • Move somewhere safe and secure in an emergency, or at any time you decide to leave (including an appropriate place for any children or other members of your family and household).
  • Assess how suitable emergency accommodation is for you and your children.
  • Safeguard your possessions and personal items if you have to move in an emergency
  • With advice if you become homeless because of domestic violence or abuse.
  • Decide on and explore longer term housing options (including getting proper priority in the Council’s housing register).
  • Claim Housing Benefit to pay your housing costs.

Housing options and decisions often overlap with community care issues and needs.

Read our case studies below to see how we’ve helped others like you. People’s names have been changed in these case studies.

Real-life housing help

Fiona – finding somewhere new to live after becoming homeless due to domestic violence

Fiona lived with her husband and 8-year-old son in a two-bedroomed property. She approached Coventry Law Centre for help after her husband physically assaulted her. Fiona planned to flee the matrimonial home and find new accommodation for her and her son.

She also asked her child’s school for support, who in turn contacted Social Services.

We advised Fiona that it was not reasonable for her to continue to occupy the family home as this could lead to further violence against her. We then helped her make a homeless application to the local council and get suitable alternative accommodation for her and her son. And our family law team helped her to secure a non-molestation order against her husband.

It was difficult for Fiona to contact us during all this, because she was worried that her husband would pick up any correspondence or calls with the Law Centre. So to overcome this problem, we arranged weekly face-to-face meetings and avoided contact by phone.

“My advisor was brilliant. He handled my case very sensitively and discreetly to protect me from further risk. This was so important for me because I was very scared of my partner at the time. The Law Centre advised me of all my rights and handled my case very well. Thank you for such a personal service.”

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