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Will I be deported if I leave my partner?

What rights do I have without my partner?

Staying and living in the UK

Domestic violence and abuse can be even more worrying if you’re unsure of your right to live or remain in this country.

Using immigration law, we can:

  • Confirm your current immigration status (and that of any children) and advise on how your status may be affected if you leave an abusive relationship, separate or divorce.
  • Advise on how you can become independent of your abuser’s status if your immigration status is attached to him/her (for example, because of visa or permit rules)
  • Advise on how you and any children may be allowed to remain independently in the UK.
  • Explain the entitlements and conditions attached to your current status and any new leave to remain granted.
  • Help you make an asylum claim if you fear returning to your home country.
  • Advise and represent you if you believe you have been a victim of human trafficking.

Read our case studies below to see how we’ve helped others like you. People’s names have been changed in these case studies.

Real-life immigration help

Padma – free to stay and live independently in the UK

Padma came to the UK from Bangladesh following an arranged marriage with a British man. She arrived on a two-year spouse visa, intending to make a settlement application to continue living in the UK and start a family.

Padma initially lived with her husband and his parents, but was subjected to regular sexual and physical abuse by her husband, who was dependent on illegal drugs. Alone in an unfamiliar country and with only limited spoken English, she was in constant fear and did not disclose the situation to anyone.

Padma eventually reported the abuse to the police and we became involved in helping her claim the right to remain in the UK indefinitely with the right to access public funds. She is now living independently, pursuing a divorce and looking for work.

“I am free now. It’s such a good feeling to regain control over my life. I can make decisions for myself and build my future in the UK.”

Real-life immigration help

Aaheli – making an asylum application

Aaheli came to the UK from India on a student visa, which was extended a number of times. She then stopped studying.

Aaheli married a man of Indian origin with British citizenship in a religious ceremony, but the marriage was never registered. They then had a child together.

Their relationship broke down due to emotional and physical abuse, but Aaheli felt she had no other option but to remain with her husband for fear of being sent back to India and losing her daughter. It was only when her husband physically attacked their baby daughter that Aaheli sought legal advice.

Aaheli wants to stay in the UK with her daughter. She fears the child might be abducted by her husband’s family in India, from whom she has also received death threats.

We helped Aaheli make an asylum application; preparing thorough statements and gathering evidence of the domestic violence and the risks she and her child faced if they returned to India. She was granted humanitarian protection for five years.

“When my solicitor phoned me to inform me I had been granted five years’ leave to remain in the UK I cried with joy. I’m so thankful for somebody believing in me and helping me build my case. My solicitor was very understanding and patient. The day when I received that phone call was the best day of my life in the UK.”

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